Quick Plan to acquire Customers

Quick Plan to acquire Customers: Getting customers onboard is the bread and butter of the company. Acquiring customers can be tricky and mind boggling task. In this post, I will provide you different ways to acquire customers. Some can be funny, some can be boring. Some can be pick the phone and call, some can get aa little professional. So Suit Up!

Here are some of the quick methods to acquire customers:

Senator! We run ads.

Running an ad is by far the easiest method to acquire customers. Calculate your product price or LTV (Lifetime Value) of your customer and setup a budget – roughly 5-10% of product price/LTV. And now please, run some ads. I know your ad is now running but performing poor. The reason is that you haven’t targeted the audience. Use very attractive image (Victoria Secrets won’t help here). See here, how to make good creatives for your ad.

Next you have to make sure the message is delivered in the right manner. Your target audience must understand your product or service quickly and must feel to know more. Work on it and we have created and communicated value for customer worth spending some time to look at that ad.

Target your audience

Quick Plan to acquire Customers: Targetting is very important here. Acquiring customers is easy if you get this point straight. Now, forget you have a company or a product. Become a customer and feel your product or service. Are you willing to buy it? So take a pen and note down the places where your ideal customer is and what is he doing and answer 5W-1H associated around him. Congrats you have the buyer’s/customer’s persona. Now, go through each of the options you see to target and keep it somewhere in the range of 1 million – 10 million reach in that geo.

Don’t forget the age of your audience. 18 year old won’t buy adult diapers and 65 year old won’t buy sports drinks. You might think they can also buy for someone else. Ok I agree. Sell sports drink to 65 year olds and adult diapers to 18 year olds. Are you printing money? No, right? So, please stick to it and sell sport drink to 18 year olds and adult diapers to 65 year olds. Be precise and your ROI will be awesome. Faced some issue in understanding the context under the humour, God Bless! Follow this link, how to target the audience effectively.

Prodigy Tip:

Quick Plan to acquire Customers: If your product or service is in high ticket range. Go for it and target precisely. You will thank me for lifetime.

I will keep adding more methods. Share you business idea and I will tell you by updating here.

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