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Skyrocketing the revenues by taking your business online

Investing in Social Media Marketing (SMM), allows your business to reach a large audience online. Today, online audience has reached more than 3 billion users. It gives opportunity to business owners and marketers to showcase their products. And also, gives them a online marketplace to sell their products. you can also highlight the features and establish a better presence in the market. Social Media Marketing also helps to have quality conversations with the leads and customers. Read the complete article to know how we are reliable and creative Social Media Marketing Agency in Gurgaon.

Most used Social Media Platforms:

  1. Facebook (Active Monthly Users: 2.45 billion)
  2. Twitter (Active Monthly Users: 330 million)
  3. LinkedIn (Active Monthly Users: 310 million)
  4. Instagram (Active Users: 1 billion)
  5. Snapchat (Active Monthly Users: 360 million)
  6. Pinterest (Active Monthly Users: 322 million)
  7. Reddit (Active Monthly Users: 430 million)

Facebook has around 300 million active users in India which means you have potential reach of 300 million people. Apart from this, brands that are present on Social Media creates trust and reliability among customers. They allow their brand to stay stronger and ahead of any competition.

We at Digital Marketing Projects ensures a high visibility on the social media platforms. We also optimize the selection of platforms so that you reach the audience most suitable for you.

Following are our Social Media Marketing (SMM) Services:

  • Creation of Page
  • Page Maintenance
  • Promotion of your brand
  • Sharing relevant content
  • Having positive Conversation with leads and customers
  • Get the result through Organic and Paid Methods

We ensure that your content is highly relevant, shareable and is focused on relevant audience. Hence, achieving more sales and strengthening your brand identity in the customer’s mind.

Following are the plans for SMM:

  • 3 Months Plan – Rs. 22500 (Rs. 7500 per month)
  • 6 Months Plan – Rs. 45000 (Rs. 7500 per month)

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