Affordable SEO Services – What do you compromise?

Affordable SEO Services – What do you compromise? After working in the Digital Marketing Industry for over 3.5 years, I can say that this is true for this industry as well that whatever is costly is not always the best and whatever is cheap is not always bad. But the contrary is also true. Whatever is costly can be good and whatever is cheap can actually ruin the entire game. The game of better SERP ranking, getting organic traffic and reaching number one position. Doesn’t it feel like a game to be on the top? I feel it.

Let get into the topic. Getting a reliable and affordable SEO services partner is very difficult. This is because many new companies & freelancers have come in the market and flooded the industry. They have excellent sales voices, very low prices but poor technical knowledge. They seem very confident in their approach but over a period of 6-9 months, they fail to show results. As a result, clients take the project back and leaves them for good. When we go and look for reliable and affordable SEO services, there is a need of optimised trade-off between the two. Higher the relaibilty and higher the cost. Higher the affordability and low is the quality. This trade off is very difficult for a person coming from a different industry.

Let’s see what happens if “affordable” services goes wrong and what is the compromise you have to deal with:

Affordable SEO Services - What do you compromise?
Affordable SEO Services – What do you compromise?

Last Updated: April 2022 (content below will refresh based on more insights. Stay tuned.)

Work on Limited Keywords

Most agencies or freelancers that work on your project work on limited specific keywords, generally 10-15 keywords, and tend to rank you for them. It makes you pay a significant oppourtunity cost. An SEO strategy must look at overall factors and then start working so that your website not only gets traffic but also builds Domain Authority.

Affordable SEO Services | Quick Promises & Poor Results

Poor agencies promise to deliver resluts over a long term period, generally, 6-12 months like all other companies but fail to achieve rankings on required keywords. This leads to loss of business for the client trusting their services.

Loss of Money

The so called “affordable” SEO service providers keeps the client hanging till the last minute. They keep promising the results but do not achieve anything. This leads to loss of money invested in SEO services which would have given better returns if it were invested in other SEO services provider.

Instead of free organic traffic, they drive paid traffic

Since they can’t deliver good results, they tend to shift to buying of backling rather than earning them. This way of getting traffic to your website is black hat technique that gets you poor reputation in the eyes of the search engines whether google, bing or yahoo.

Affordable SEO Services | Poor Maintenance Services

After opting for cheap services, the service provider won’t give a quality or long term maintenance. They have a motto to rank and leave. When you hire such agencies, try to dig deep on this factor because changes in SEO happens every day.

One SEO doesn’t fit all strategy

There is no one SEO fits all strategy. Every research and every effort is customised to the client’s need and aspirations. If one thing worked for one website, then it does not mean that it will fit for all the other companies. Many service providers try to utilise the same success story from the past and try to use the same strategy that worked for other clients.

Consequences of Black Hat Strategy

Many SEO agencies depends on techniques like cloaking, link schemes, keyword stuffing, unrelated directories to get quicker results and get the trust of the innocent you. It is waste of money and may lead to blacklisting of your domain on search engines like Google, Bing, etc,

Affordable SEO Services | Poor Communication

You will often be in confused state if the work in being done or not. They have poor communication skills and won’t tell you the progress till the minute. That too after a lot of followups.

Hidden Cost

The “Affordable SEO Services” ofetn include the hidden costs which starts to come up after some time. They may ask you to pay for fast results and often misleading you to buy more products or subscribe to more services. Overall, they will charge you handsome amount before you decide to make a decision to quit them.


After reading the article you must have understood what kind of challenges can erupt if you go and choose SEO services by choosing the term “Affordable SEO Services”. It is better to trust an agency with proven experience but that might cost some fortune but the other alternative which I have seen has worked out in the affordable range of SEO services, it is new agency or freelancer trying to prove themselves with proven credibilty or trust. When they are trying to prove themselves rather than just selling, they are expected to deliver good results. Now, go out and have a better service partner.

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